Digitalisierung: Ford lässt Kunden eigenes 3D-Zubehör drucken


Ford gibt CAD-Daten für den Ford Maverich frei, so dass sich Nutzer ihr eigenes 3D-Zubehör drucken können. Spannend!

Ford is encouraging its customers to 3D-print new accessories for the company’s new 2022 Maverick truck. This week, Ford released CAD files of the Maverick’s storage area under the rear seats and also for its slotted accessories called the Ford Integrated Tether System (FITS).
There are a total of eight FITS slots in the vehicle: one behind the center console where a cupholder would normally go in many vehicles and seven under the rear seat bench. It’s designed to be modular, allowing customers to order a set of accessories to fit different needs, like storage dividers to separate cleats and footballs or grocery bag hooks.

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