Digitalisierung: So arbeitet Audi mit IOTA

Sehr interessanter Beitrag über den Einsatz von IOTA bei Audi.

A recent LinkedIn post by Malte Schonfend, venture development manager at Audi Berlin, has garnered significant attention within the crypto, and in specific, the IOTA community. The post shared on December 13, 2018, states that Audi and IOTA have been working together since the past 5 months on a project.
Project with Audi “Pushes a new use case to reality”

While not much is known about the aforementioned “project,” it won’t be too farfetched to assume that the automobile giant is utilizing, or at the very least, testing IOTA’s Tangle for its upcoming products.

The post by Schonfend talks about “pushing a new use case to reality,” focusing on e-mobility. For the uninitiated, electro mobility (e-mobility) is a general term for the development of electric-powered vehicles.

One of the pictures shared by Schonfend alludes to a joint effort taken by the Audi think-tank & IOTA Foundation, aiming to explore Tangle-based mobility use cases. Schonfend added that further details about the project will be revealed soon.

This comes after reports surfaced on December 4, 2018, stating that Audi is set to invest close to $15.9 billion in e-mobility, self-driving cars.

At the time, Bram Schot, Audi’s interim management board chairman said:

“This planning round bears a clear signature: We are taking a very systematic approach to electric mobility and will be much more focused in future.”

IOTA on a Partnership Spree

The collaboration with Audi for exploring e-mobility solutions shouldn’t come as a surprise for the IOTA community. The team at IOTA has been incessantly working towards leveraging the Tangle. BlockchainReporter reported on November 8, 2018, how IOTA’s Tangle was used in carVertical’s new IoT platform carVertical.CITY.

The firm also joined forces with High Mobility to build their mobility apps. The partnership helped developers create and test apps with its standardized connected car API on IOTA’s distributed ledger.

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