Digitalisierung: So digitalisiert Porsche die Fahrzeugentwicklung

Sehr interessanter Artikel über die Digitalisierung der Fahrzeugentwicklung bei Porsche. Absolut lesenswert!

One of the most exciting questions for development departments is how customers use their vehicles. After positive testing on the testbeds and roads has taken place, there is no systematic feedback about the vehicles and customer usage behaviour. It has not even been possible, as a minimum, to measure the actual loads during customer use, and to integrate these findings directly into development. “Previously, developments in our cars somewhat based on a wealth of experience that was accumulated over the course of generations,” explains Alexander Haug, Head of Operational Stability of Materials. “This approach will be revolutionised with the Taycan and PDRM.” PDRM stands for Porsche Driving Reflection Module, which describes a plethora of sensors and information that are already available in the car, and which will in future be used to analyse loads directly in the vehicle – making it possible for developers to see how customers actually use their vehicles. The corresponding infrastructure is already on board: high-performance control devices with online connections (OTA-FC). Around 750 different parameters are read, further processed, and transmitted at regular intervals from the vehicle to the Porsche Data Lake. Using this data and Big Data analytics approaches, the aim is to be able to learn more in future about the actual load.

“How often is the Sports mode button actually pressed? What driving mode is used most commonly? This kind of information, obtained through PDRM, will be integrated directly into the further improvement of our products,” says Alexander Haug, who hopes that the vast majority of Taycan customers will choose to participate in the PDRM project. He emphasises that of course every customer can decide individually whether or not to contribute to data analysis; in fact they must actively confirm their consent inside the vehicle itself. He goes on to say that customer anonymity is always guaranteed: “Even with PDRM activated, we only see that a vehicle has been in a traffic jam for example, but not where and when.”

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