Digitalisierung: So digitalisiert Porsche


Sehr spannendes Interview mit Porsche’s CIO Mattias Ulbrich über die Digitalisierung bei Porsche.

Mocker: What does that mean in detail for digitalization at Porsche?Ulbrich: Our focus is on three areas of action: Products and services, customer relationships, and business processes. Products and services include everything that concerns the vehicle, such as the subject of “Connected Car” and the corresponding services associated with it. In the area of customer relationships, the focus is on how we can further strengthen customer loyalty in the digital age. And the topic of business processes is of course enormously important, because a digital offering would be inconceivable without digital processes.“[Our] Digital products can be completely detached from the vehicle.”Mocker: When it comes to products, Porsche Connect comes to mind, which allows requesting vehicle information such as the fuel level via a smartphone app or remotely controlling certain vehicle functions such (un)locking the door.Ulbrich: But digital products can also be completely detached from the vehicle. This is how we developed the “Porsche 360+” app.Porsche 360+ App (Source: Porsche)Users can contact a personal assistant via chat, telephone or email. The assistant can help, for example, to organize trips or gifts. Ultimately, this is an all-round subscription service. We want to enable our customers to experience the topic of “Lifestyle” in a completely different way. Another example: With “Porsche Drive” you can rent a Porsche by app. Or take the apps “Roads” and “Road Trip:” They offer community-based or curated suggestions as to what an optimal route for Porsche drivers might look like, for example in the Swiss Alps.

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