Digitalisierung: Was bedeutet das Metaverse für die Autoindustrie?


Spannender Artikel über die Bedeutung des Metaverse für die Automobilindustrie.

“The term ‚metaverse‘ describes a new way that we interact with the digital and physical world, built upon what we know of today as AR and VR,“ explained Amin. The principles of augmented reality, such as facial recognition and motion sensing, and virtual reality can be combined to create this more expansive experience that allows you to interact with people or environments that aren’t in the same physical space as you. While Meta grabbed headlines recently, OEMs started talking about the metaverse and AR at major automotive shows back in 2019. And some of these use cases are already with us. Those include heads-up displays and projections onto the vehicle’s windshield, especially navigation information. “They are not necessarily in mass production right now, but you will soon be able to see where the next exit is through a flashing arrow on the windshield or an alert to the driver that they need to change lanes in 300m, for example,“ said Amin. Where location comes in is that we can eventually start to build in information about what is around the corner, that the driver might not be able to see. In the near term, drivers will be shown information related to traffic or safety such as hazards ahead. “That is probably the most realistic way to look at it right now, because it is a tangible use case with obvious safety implications,“ Amin added.

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