Digitalisierung: Was bedeutet die Blockchain für Automobilhersteller?

Sehr interessante Übersicht über die Einsatzzwecke und Bedeutung der Blockchain für Automobilhersteller.

Car data, from vehicle performance to driving behaviour to toll booths, could be valuable if not for the thorny questions of who owns the data and who should have access to it. Some say blockchain could be the mechanism that solves these problems to create an automotive data marketplace.

A blockchain is a constantly updated, encrypted, linked chain of data that can't be changed once it's in the chain. Every entity that has access to the blockchain validates each new entry by performing an algorithmic check and maintains its own copy of the blockchain that's synched with the others. This distributed ledger approach ensures that even if someone could tamper with the data held in one place, the rest of the copies of the blockchain would remain accurate.

Private, invitation-only blockchains would allow one participant, such as an carmaker, to invite partners. Different transactions might involve only a subset of the participants.

Best automotive applications

While most companies are still researching blockchain, several automotive use cases have appeared:

· Security and authentication of hardware and software inside the vehicle

· Micropayments especially for autonomous vehicles

· Tracking use of mobility services

· Locking the automotive supply chain

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