Digitalisierung: Was plant Volkswagen bei Function as a Service (FaaS)?

Sehr interessantes Interview mit Christoph Hohmann über die zukünftige Bedeutung des Volkswagen We Ökosystems für Function as a Service.

So where does We and digital services go from here? Will we see options such as heated seats activated over the air on a subscription or rental basis?
This will happen. Tesla is already doing this with a battery that can be upgraded for extra speed though an aftermarket, paid-for software update. We call this Function as a Service (FaaS) or Features on Demand (FoD). It’s not without risk of course, building lots of hardware features such as heated seats into cars that may only be used rarely on a rental basis could be costly for the OEMs. But I think we will see very different models – it will likely be services rather than hardware offered. This could be very profitable if consumers are able to add new features and downloads to their cars that weren’t available when they bought them – much like smartphone apps. It also means that new services can come to older models. 

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