Digitalisierung: Wie Plattformstrategien zur Wertschöpfung beitragen

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Sehr spannender Beitrag heute über den Erfolg von Plattformstrategien, die für die Automobilindustrie zunehmend wichtig werden. Stichwort: eigenes Ökosystem.

1. Technology, scale, and smart risk management. Executives building and operating platforms pointed to the interplay between technology, scale, and smart risk management. The CEO of Topcoder, Michael Morris, observed that to reduce transaction costs and grow network effects, companies must manage risk. Intelligently absorbing risk helps pull new transactions onto the platform and grows the enterprise.

2. The power of specialization and advanced decision engines. As platforms mature, they often become more complex and more specialized. This creates new management challenges and the need for more sophisticated decision engines to harness value.

3. Data-driven, AI-savvy platform talent. Many companies have built data analytics teams. However, Airbnb’s leadership team is taking things a step further. As head economist Peter Coles explained, the company believes data is so strategically important to its success that it is building an internal data university for its employees, now numbering over 3,000. The vision is to empower every employee at Airbnb to make data-informed decisions by providing data education that scales by roles and teams across the entire organization.

4. Building value through diversity. Productivity is one measure of value — but not the only one. Diversity has also shown to be a driver of value for organizations, and there is growing evidence that diverse teams are sharper and more creative than homogeneous teams. Yet, the tech sector is an area that often lags significantly. For example, tech employs half as many African-American and Hispanic workers compared with the rest of the private sector. Can a platform help?

5. Tackling ever more fragmented markets. Fragmented markets have been longstanding hunting grounds for platform business models. This continues to be the case in ever more complicated and splintered markets, such as music.

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