Elektromobilität: 7 Schritte zum Erfolg für Automobilhersteller

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Spannender Artikel darüber, welche Maßnahmen Automobilhersteller ergreifen müssen, um die Elektromobilität zum Erfolg werden zu lassen.

As we explained in our recent article on EV profitability, OEMs have previously attempted to tackle the businesses challenges primarily by making changes on the production and technology sides (for instance, improvements to battery sourcing, platform strategies, and alliances and ecosystems). Now, however, OEMs must also develop innovative GTM models to sell the required number of EVs and to find a sustainable business model. Our research and discussions with leading practitioners in the field have led us to believe that seven radical innovations in four areas—offerings, sales, after-sales services, and business models—will shape the OEMs’ EV future

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Quelle: www.mckinsey.com