Elektromobilität: Alles über den Modularen Elektrobaukasten von Volkswagen

Heute mal ein sehr interessanter Artikel über den Modularen Elektrobaukasten von Volkswagen.

The new battery system provides precisely these customization options. Other advantages include weight optimization (on account of the aluminum housing), the adaptability of different battery cell types, and an integrated cooling system. The battery can therefore be used to drive one axles or both axles. As the set-up of the cell modules is arranged in a similar way to a bar of chocolate, the battery is also easy to install. Volkswagen has also managed to increase the charging capacity to 125 kW – a figure never before achieved in the ID.’s segment which will considerably speed up the charging process and hence shorten charging stops.More than a million ID. vehicles to be sold by 2025Volkswagen is hence taking the lead at an important turning point in the automotive industry. The electric drive and digitalization constitute the beginning of the most profound transformation process that cars have ever undergone since they were invented well over 100 years ago. Vehicle technology and infrastructure are set to undergo radical changes as a result, and value chains will be rearranged as well. The dynamics are extremely clear: global sales of purely electric cars (battery electric vehicles - BEVs) rose by more than 60% last year. In 2018, the threshold of one million newly licensed electric cars could be achieved for the first time ever. These figures will once again skyrocket as from 2020, as that is when Volkswagen will launch the first models of the new ID. family, beginning with the compact ID., then shortly thereafter an ID. SUV; two zero-emission vehicles with the range of current gasoline engine vehicles. Thomas Ulbrich, Member of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen Brand responsible for E-Mobility, says: “We plan to sell around 150,000 electric cars by 2020, including 100,000 ID. and ID. SUV models. The accelerated shift towards e-mobility is also helping us to achieve the very ambitious CO2 targets in Europe, China and the USA.”

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Quelle: www.volkswagen-newsroom.com