Elektromobilität: Apple bringt Routenfunktion für Elektroautos in Karten

Bildquelle: www.caranddriver.com

Apple bringt eine Routenführung für Elektrofahrzeuge in seine Karten-App.

Apple announced an upcoming update to the Maps app coming with iOS 14 this fall. With the new operating system, the maps will include EV routing based not only on the vehicle you're in but also the environment in which you're driving. Apple is currently working with Ford and BMW on electric-vehicle integration and said that it’ll be adding many more automakers in the future. On Ford's end, the system will work with the upcoming Mach-E. Ford also will have its own system baked into Sync 4A called Ford Intelligent Range that uses past driving behavior, weather forecasts, and crowdsourced data from other Mustang Mach-E vehicles on the road to better predict how far the vehicle can travel on its current state of charge.

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Quelle: www.caranddriver.com