Elektromobilität: Brauchen Elektroautos bald keine Bremsen mehr?

Bildquelle: www.greencarreports.com

Interessaner Artikel darüber, ob man beim regenerativen Bremsen der Zukunft überhaupt noch konventionelle Bremsen benötigt.

A prototype from Stellantis’ DS Automobiles aims for a future in which brake dust and brake-pad replacements might be a thing of the past—looking to regenerative braking as the sole method for braking vehicles.

Regenerative braking, which turns EVs’ motor systems into generators when needed to slow the vehicle, is already used to some degree in most electric vehicles and hybrids. It provides energy that can be packed into batteries for later, improving efficiency, and it can extend the life of brake pads several times longer than those of gasoline vehicles.

Called the E Tense Performance, the prototype draws from racing experience and was actually developed in conjunction with the brand’s Formula E team. It can harness 600 kw of regenerative braking—essentially the same as its dual-motor system delivers in forward power, at 815 hp—to slow the vehicle and brake it to a complete stop. Although DS does say that the prototype is fitted with a conventional Formula E braking system, too, it says it renders that “completely redundant.”

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Quelle: www.greencarreports.com