Elektromobilität: CATL verspricht 2-Millionen-Kilometer-Batterie

Bildquelle: insideevs.com

Während Tesla die 1-Millionen-Meilen-Batterie noch nicht verkündet hat, arbeitet CATL anscheinend bereits an der 2-Millionen-Kilometer-Batterie. Wow!

Tesla is yet to confirm when it will reveal its battery news. In the meantime, other battery manufacturers are not wasting any time. In May, SVolt announced an „almost million-mile“ battery that came pretty close to offering what patents revealed about Tesla’s revolutionary cell. If that were not enough, Tesla would now have to beat what CATL has to offer. The biggest battery manufacturer in the world just told Bloomberg it is ready to sell a 2-million-km (1.24-million-mile), 16-years cell. The news agency received this information from CATL’s chairman and founder, Zeng Yuqun. According to that executive, his company is ready to sell this new battery to any automaker willing to pay 10 percent more than they currently pay for the regular cells.

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Quelle: insideevs.com