Elektromobilität: Das ist der Lucid Air von Lucid Motors

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Heute schauen wir uns einmal Lucid Motors und ihr Elektrofahrzeug Lucid Air an. Beeindruckend!

American Automotive company Lucid Motors unveiled the first prototype of the Lucid Air in 2016. Claimed to be the most efficient luxury car in the world, the elegant and futuristic Lucid is an intriguing entrant to the hotly contested electric vehicle market currently dominated by Tesla and Elon Musk.

A proprietary patent powerhouse, Lucid’s technology is on the leading edge of performance for electrified vehicles. Despite the ethereal name, Lucid has moved a lot of money, atoms, and current in the real world.

The business has received over 1 billion dollars of funding.
Lucid is building a 380,000 unit per year production facility in Casa Grande, Arizona.
And the car is powered by a 113 kwh battery pack with a 900 volt architecture.

The electric motor, inverter, transmission, and differential are all housed in one miniaturized electric drive unit that weighs just 163lb (74kg) and packs over 650hp.


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