Elektromobilität: Das sind Bentley’s Pläne

Bildquelle: electrek.co

Interessantes Interview mit Adrian Hallmark, CEO von Bentley, über die Pläne bei der Elektromobilität.

First, a future electric Bentley will use the group’s Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture. Even more intriguing, Bentley’s leadership is talking about how energy-dense, solid-state battery technology could help the brand redefine future vehicle design. Adrian Hallmark, Bentley CEO, told Automotive News: I’m not saying that we are guaranteed to go solid state, but that is already on the radar within that mid-2020s period. They are about 30% lighter for the same power as lithium-ion. An I-pace has 720 kg (1,587 pounds) of batteries, so going to 500 kilograms (1,100 pounds) instead of 720kg makes a difference. Also, think about how that changes the packaging.

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Quelle: electrek.co