Elektromobilität: Der Volkswagen Power Day zusammengefasst!

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Hier sind die 7 wichtigsten Ankündigungen des Volkswagen Power Day zusammengefasst. Beeindruckend! Und wer es schwarz auf weiß möchte, findet im Artikel den Download der kompletten Präsentationen. Must read!

  1. Volkswagen expects to cut its battery costs by 30–50%: “Volkswagen is thus aiming to gradually reduce battery costs in the entry-level segment by up to 50 percent and in the volume segment by up to 30 percent,” the company writes. So, that means lower priced cars will have a harder time cutting costs, but will still benefit from a significant 30% cut in battery costs if Volkswagen achieves its dreams.

    This will all be thanks to what the company is calling a new “unified cell.”

  2. 2. New 40 GWh Battery Gigafactory: Volkswagen Group is buying out Northvolt’s stake in their joint venture Northvolt Zwei battery factory in Salzgitter, Germany. This battery gigafactory “will produce the unified cell for the high-volume segment from 2025 and develop innovations in process, design and chemistry. Production capacity of up to 40 GWh per year is also planned for Salzgitter.”
  3. 240 GWh of Battery Production Capacity in Europe by 2030: Volkswagen plans to have a whopping 240 GWh of battery production capacity in place by 2030. This is from 6 planned or existing battery cell gigafactories.
  4. Northvolt Ett Battery Gigafactory in Skellefteå, Sweden, Grows to 40 GWh: The Northvolt battery factory in Skellefteå, Sweden, is being expanded to a planned annual production capacity of 40 GWh. As reported earlier today, Volkswagen has increased its orders from this factory to $14 billion over the coming decade.
  5. 5× Increase in European Fast-Charging Network — to 18,800 Fast-Charging Ports: There are two sides of the convenience coin when it comes to EVs — range and charging. Aside from boosting driving range of EVs, Volkswagen is rapidly expanding its fast-charging network. It intends to get to 18,800 fast-charging ports by 2025, a 5-fold increase over today’s levels. Key partners will be IONITY, Enel, Iberdrola, BP, and ARAL.
  6. 20,500 More Fast-Charging Ports in China, USA, & Canada: Volkswagen is focused on electrification globally, not just on its home continent. Admittedly, some countries get more attention than others. Volkswagen plans a whopping 17,000 fast-charging points in China by 2025, while also planning to increase Electrify America’s coverage to 3,500 fast-charging ports by the end of this year (in the USA and Canada).
  7. Bi-Directional Charging & Plug&Charge: With all new vehicles, Volkswagen Group will be using Plug&Charge technology — which means drivers can avoid RFID cards, credit cards, apps, and everything else at applicable charging stations. They just plug in the vehicle, the station identifies it, and the car starts charging automagically.

Und hier die Präsentation des Volkswagen Power Day im Download.

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