Elektromobilität: Die 3 Hauptängste der Menschen laut Google

Bildquelle: insideevs.com

Sehr interessante Einblicke von Google über die drei meistgesuchten Ängste von Menschen bei der Elektromobilität. Zwei waren bekannt, aber die dritte kommt überraschend.

The first obstacle towards EV ownership is cost. As the main image shows, searches related to electric car costs are more than 20 times those of combustion-engined vehicle searches in the US and the UK. In Germany, that proportion is cut in half, but it is still meaningful: ten times more than comparable searches related to ICE cars.

The Google Human Truths says the second barrier EV adoption to be overcome is reliability, but that word does not give an accurate sense of what they mean. After all, EVs are much more reliable than combustion-engined vehicles. They do not experience as many problems as the other cars do. If they can take our suggestion, we'd say the issue is dependability, in a sense that owners do not know if they can count on these cars.

The last and most surprising struggle for EV adoption is safety. Yes: people think electric cars are unsafe, according to Google.
The explanation for that is that people associate EVs with "emerging technologies, such as self-driving cars."

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Quelle: insideevs.com