Elektromobilität: Dyson holt Ex-BMW-Manager Roland Krüger

Ex-BMW und Infiniti-Manager Roland Krüger übernimmt das Elektroauto-Projekt bei Dyson. Überraschend!

Little is known about Dyson’s planned venture into car manufacturing, other than that the vehicle will be purely electric.
Around. 450 people are now working on the project, most based at Dyson’s facility in Hullavington, Wiltshire. As much as £775 million is expected to be invested in the car this year alone, although that figure will be spent globally and not exclusively in the UK.
Dyson has refused to be drawn on performance figures such as size, range or power, although it’s anticipated that the finished product will make use of cutting-edge, solid-state battery technology.
The project is still on course to be delivered on time, with prototypes set to begin testing in 2020.

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Quelle: www.drivingelectric.com