Elektromobilität: Elektroautos brauchen ein intelligentes Ladesystem

Interessanter Beitrag über den Bedarf von intelligenten Ladesystemen für Elektrofahrzeuge.

46 million cars are now rolling between Flensburg in the north and Füssen in the south of Germany – but only one percent of them are electric. Even though the forecasts vary and government subsidies can’t always be relied on, one thing is certain: the number of e-vehicles will increase dramatically in the coming years. However, success will come only to those who – in addition to the best vehicles – also provide the best charging systems.
The matter is crystal clear to Gunnar Bärwaldt, Group Development Coordinator for Charging: “Europe’s and also Germany’s grid operators are worried, because their power grids are currently not prepared for the boom in electric cars.” Of course, there must be investment in grid expansion to avoid overloads and even total blackouts. But that isn’t enough. Bärwaldt is convinced: “We need intelligent charging management to optimize the usage of the grid and to minimize the need to expand. Such solutions will already be necessary with an electric car share of 25 percent.” That would mean around twelve million vehicles in Germany.

The problem: If all their drivers come home in the evening and charge their e-car at the same time (the so-called Tagesschau – or evening news – effect), the negative consequences mentioned above would quickly become reality. Bärwaldt plans to avert this with an “energy management system” (EMS) for each household. The EMS is an intelligent computer that manages the energy requirements of e-vehicle and heating pumps. At the same time it also takes other available generating facilities (photovoltaic) and/or an additional house battery into account. Bärwaldt explains, “The charging time of an electric car is shorter than the time it is not in use at home or at work. That gives us flexibility in terms of timing and makes having an intelligent charging system all the more important.”

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Quelle: www.volkswagenag.com