Elektromobilität: Elon Musk über den chinesischen Markt

Bildquelle: cleantechnica.com

Sehr interessantes Video hier von Elon Musk über den chinesischen Elektroautomarkt und Autonomes Fahren. Anschauen!

What are your expectations for the future development of China’s EV market?
“China is the largest and most dynamic new energy vehicle market in the world. Chinese consumers want a car with better connected and more intelligent features, so we see great potential for connected full self-driving vehicle growth in China. Public sentiment and support for electric vehicles is at a never seen before inflection point because they know this is the future.
“We continue to work hard to drive down costs and increase our rate of production to make electric vehicles as affordable as possible. I have a great deal of respect for many Chinese automakers who are driving these technologies. My frank observation is that Chinese automobile companies are the most competitive in the world, especially because some are very good at software. And it’s software that will most shape the future of the automobile industry from design to manufacturing and especially autonomous driving.”
How does autonomous driving technology improve the safety of the vehicles?
Tesla is much more than an electric car company. We are developing full self-driving vehicles with practical vision-based artificial intelligence, including chip development on the inference level and on the training level. I should emphasize that we believe autonomous driving can be achieved entirely by vision neural nets. After all, humans are running a biological vision neural net in order to drive. So it makes sense that computers would be able to drive using a silicon camera neural net.
“That said, safety is the top priority when we design Tesla vehicles and I’m confident that we can achieve full self-driving with 10 times higher safety than the average human driver.”

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Quelle: cleantechnica.com