Elektromobilität: Europas Stromnetze sind aktuell unterbelastet

Der steigende Bedarf an Elektromobiltät stellt in Europa kein Problem für die Stromnetze dar. Gut zu wissen!

Electricity distribution networks in Europe run at well below their full potential, finds a new study from the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP). The findings show that the unused network capacity could be utilised for charging electric vehicles with little or no need for additional capacity. Smart pricing and smart grid technologies will be the keys.  
“Waste not, want not,” goes the old saying. Airbnb and Uber have leveraged that principle—exploiting unused capacity in existing homes and cars—to build businesses that, in less than ten years, are together worth over $100 billion. So why not apply the same principle to electricity networks?
A lot of unused capacity is available on existing networks, capacity that is especially well suited to accommodating electric vehicle charging. A combination of appropriate pricing and smart technology deployment could help drive the best use of existing assets, helping to minimise the costs of the energy transition.

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Quelle: energypost.eu