Elektromobilität: Evelozcity startet mit neuem Namen und Geschäftsmodell

Evelozcity hat sich mit Canoo nicht nur einen neuen Namen, sondern auch eine neue Strategie gegeben: Fahrzeuge im Abonnement!

Electric vehicle startup EVelozcity, which was founded in late 2017 by three former BMW executives (and ex-Faraday Future employees), has a new name and a new direction. The company announced Monday it’s rebranding to Canoo, and also clarified that it will only sell its upcoming vehicles on a subscription model. Those vehicles will be human-controlled at first, though the aim is to equip them with enough technology that they could eventually be autonomous.

The first car from Canoo is due in 2021, and it will be a “lifestyle vehicle” with a “minimalist design that maximizes interior space.” Though Canoo only showed off a rough diagram of the shape of the vehicle on Monday (seen above), the company says it will offer the interior space of a large SUV in the footprint of a compact car. The outline Canoo showed off looks something like a cross between Volkswagen’s resurrected VW Bus and the autonomous pods that have been slowly rolling around in small communities and on some public roads.

Canoo plans to build three other cars all on the same “skateboard” platform of battery pack and electric drivetrain. It showed off the outline of one that more closely resembles the shape of a traditional car, which it calls the “personal commuter vehicle.” Canoo also plans to make a dedicated ride-hailing vehicle and one suited for delivery by constructing different “cabins” that can be dropped onto the universal skateboard.

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Quelle: www.theverge.com