Elektromobilität: Fully Charged testet den VW ID.3

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Interessantes Video mit Eindrücken des VW ID.3. Anschauen!

Spoiler alert – it’s safe to say Robert loves this car. Volkswagen is investing heavily in manufacturing electric cars and the ID.3 is essentially their third generation vehicle after the Beetle and the Golf. The ID.3 is an electric car that has been designed from the ground up and, of the 3 versions available, the most expensive boasts an impressive 77kWh battery!

Filmed both from the Fully Charged ‘garden office’ and out on the road, Robert is seriously impressed with this car. In a nutshell, it’s fun to drive, super sensible & offers an impressive driving experience. Could the ID.3 be the mass market EV we have been waiting for?


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