Elektromobilität: General Motors sieht sich als das Android der Batterietechnologie

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Interessanter Standpunkt: General Motors sieht sich als das Android der Batterietechnologie.

Tesla’s recognition as the “iPhone” of the electric car industry and GM’s pitch as the “Android” of EVs suggests that the veteran automaker is willing to explore its options to give competition for the experienced EV maker. GM recognizes batteries are the key to making a mark in the sector, and its customizable modular battery pack design is believed to be the company’s answer to Tesla’s industry-leading batteries. “What matters more than anything is battery cost. If you can get cost down, you can get better range. The big automakers like GM have an advantage in scale, and global reach,” Head of Transport Analysis for BloombergNEF Colin McKerracher said. While GM currently has electric cars like the Bolt, the Audi e-Tron, and Jaguar I-PACE, and Tesla’s lineup of vehicles have continuously outsold the legacy automaker. This is due to several factors, part of which includes GM dealerships’ conservative push for the otherwise great vehicle.

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Quelle: www.teslarati.com