Elektromobilität: Hyundai plant 3-monatige Probephase für den Ioniq 5

Bildquelle: www.autoblog.com

Hyundai plant anscheinend eine dreimonatige Probephase für den Hyundai Ioniq 5 bevor man sich zum Kauf entscheiden soll.

While the terms and conditions haven’t been finalized, industry trade journal Automotive News learned the South Korean firm is tentatively planning to offer what can be summarized as a short-term lease. Eligible drivers who are considering buying an Ioniq 5 (pictured) but aren’t sure if they can live with the range and charging limitations of an electric car will be able to spend up to three months in one to try it out. Hyundai will collect payments corresponding to the use of the car, insurance, and what little maintenance is needed by a nearly new EV.
There’s no word yet on how much taking a three-month test drive in an Ioniq 5 will cost. Hyundai stressed its aim isn’t to rival Hertz by giving drivers an alternative to owning a car; it wants to convert curiosity into sales.

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Quelle: www.autoblog.com