Elektromobilität: Licht als aktives Sicherheitsmerkmal bei Audi

Beim Audi e-tron concept trägt Licht zur aktiven Sicherheit bei. Wie? Schauen wir es uns an.

When the new Audi e-tron Sportback concept signals left or right, the rear LED strip begins to pulsate. Then something unexpected happens: In time with the indicator, the light signal extends across the ground as if by magic, and over the feet of nearby pedestrians. “When an Audi driver wants to turn, the indicators are now almost impossible to miss, even if a pedestrian is looking at their smartphone,” adds Konrad Tröger, a light designer for the Audi e-tron Sportback concept. “In the future, the interplay of digitization and connectivity will be even more crucial for light design. It will become a kind of visual language. It’s important to give this new language expression in design, too. The future of automated driving in particular is opening up a large new field of activity in this area. Light will come to play an even bigger part in communication.”

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Quelle: media.audiusa.com