Elektromobilität: Petition für eigenes Emoji gestartet

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Eine Petition in den USA unterstützt nun die Schaffung eines Emojis für Elektromobilität.

quiet and comfortable ride.
“As EVs become more popular and charging station networks continue to expand, we felt it was time for an emoji that reflects the changing industry and future of transportation,” said Rich Steinberg, director marketing, communications and Green City initiatives at Electrify America. “We hope an emoji, a symbol used in everyday digital communication, will help more people get used to the idea of driving an EV and become excited about the possibility of owning one someday.”
How to get involved:
To support the creation of the “Electric Vehicle With Charger” emoji, consumers can express their excitement on social media using #EVmoji. To sign the petition, please visit Change.org.

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Quelle: www.autoconnectedcar.com