Elektromobilität: Porsche erklärt seine Motoren

Bildquelle: newsroom.porsche.com

Porsche hat detaillierte Einblicke in die Elektromotoren des Porsche Taycan gewährt. Interessant!

Not every type of electric motor is suitable for propelling a vehicle. Porsche makes use of the permanently excited synchronous machine (PSM). Compared to the predominantly used design – the cheaper asynchronous machine (ASM) – the PSM offers higher continuous output because it overheats less easily and therefore does not have to be turned down. Porsche’s PSM is supplied and controlled via power electronics with three-phase AC voltage: the speed of the motor is determined by the frequency at which the alternating voltage oscillates around the zero point from plus to minus. In Taycan motors, the pulse inverter sets the frequency of the rotating field in the stator, thereby regulating the speed of the rotor.

The rotor contains high-quality permanent magnets with neodymium-iron-boron alloys that are permanently magnetised during the manufacturing process via a strong directional magnetic field. The permanent magnets also enable a very high degree of energy recovery through recuperation during braking. In overrun mode, the electric motor goes into regenerative mode while the magnets induce voltage and current into the stator winding. The recuperation performance of the Porsche e-motor is the best among the competition.

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Quelle: newsroom.porsche.com