Elektromobilität: Porsche Taycan stellt neuen Rekord beim Cannonball Run auf

Bildquelle: insideevs.com

Der Porsche Taycan hat einen neuen Rekord beim sog. Cannonball Run aufgestellt, einem Rennen quer durch die USA.

The car is equipped with the largest battery, aerodynamic wheels, and, of course, massaging seats. Their goal: beating the Cannonball coast-to-coast record for an electric vehicle last set by Conner in a Tesla Model 3.

Rather than being a race between a Tesla and Porsche, this race really pits the Tesla Supercharger network against CCS fast chargers on other public networks. Conner is the current EV Cannonball Run record-holder. He set the record way back in August of 2019 in a Tesla Model 3. Conner traversed the States in just 45 hours and 16 minutes. At the time, the time to beat was 48 hours and 10 minutes, which was set by another Model 3 in July 2019.

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Quelle: insideevs.com