Elektromobilität: Porsche verfolgt anderen Ansatz beim Laden als Tesla

Porsche wird beim Schnelllader einen anderen Ansatz verfolgen als Tesla: es wird nicht kostenlos.

In a roundtable discussion with GearBrain, a Porsche board member confirmed that the brand would not be following Tesla's lead in offering free access to its fast-charging network, but instead following a pricing model similar to the cost of gasoline.

Porsche is working hard to bring its Mission E project to fruition. What could easily be a direct competitor in the brand new luxury electric sedan market, the Mission E offers a car with similar speed and range as the Tesla Model S at a very competitive entry price point. But what it won't be offering in-line with Tesla is the cost to charge the vehicle at a branded fast-charging network.

You see, Porsche's 350-kilowatt charging station provides a much-needed service to the electric car scene: rapid charging. The ability to charge its Mission E vehicles from empty to over 300 miles of range in just 15 minutes is substantially faster than what any charging network, branded or not, can offer the market today. Unfortunately, it seems that Porsche isn't in a hurry to roll out its network at a fast pace, as news has only sprung up about guaranteed placement at dealerships and not if the Germans plan on rolling out this technology to standalone locations.

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Quelle: www.thedrive.com