Elektromobilität: So funktioniert der Reichweitenmanager im Porsche Taycan

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Interessanter Einblick in die Reichweitenkalkulation im Porsche Taycan.

The range calculation also analyzes data from the vehicle. What is the preferred driving speed? What’s the setting of the air-conditioning system? The system keeps learning with each additional kilometer and estimates the range — in real time: a traffic jam changes the estimated arrival time, as does a swift trip in the passing lane. This approach is also used by the Charging Planner, the second new function in the Taycan. As part of the navigation function, the software plans charging stops to ensure that the Taycan still has an adequate minimum range at the destination.The Porsche Charging Planner predicts the range at the destinationTo keep the charging stops as short as possible, the Charging Planner prefers High Performance Chargers (HPC), which offer a charging capacity of 350 kilowatts. To charge there with maximum performance, the battery is pre-conditioned to the optimal temperature.The functional scope of the Charging Planner can be augmented with the optional Porsche IntelligentRange Manager (PIRM), the third new Taycan function. Through the optimal selection of system parameters, the travel time in drive mode Range can be substantially shortened compared to the route in other driving modes. To achieve this, the charging stops, the speed profile, and air-conditioning settings are optimized. Porsche Engineering has been developing the range management functions with the aid of a virtual Taycan since 2015.The engineers at Porsche Engineering are meanwhile already at work on a new generation of range management. “We will pay very close attention when we get some initial feedback from the Taycan customers and optimize accordingly,” says Meister. And because the range calculation function developed by Porsche will be used throughout the entire VW Group across all drive types, the team will be bringing its expertise to future Porsche and VW Group models as well. To borrow an old notion: the better is the enemy of the good.

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Quelle: medium.com