Elektromobilität: So ist die Ladeperformance des Hyundai Ioniq 5

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Interessantes Video der Ladeperformance des Hyundai Ioniq 5.

The charging curve is quite complex, with multiple sharp increases and decreases along the way. It starts at about 115 kW at 10% SOC, at 14-15% SOC it increases to about 187 kW, and then again to 220 kW at 29-30% SOC.
The peak range is quite wide: between 30 to 51%. The peak value of more than 225 kW appears to be reached around 51% SOC, but then power quickly decreases (maybe due to too high temperature of the battery cells) to "just" 120 kW at 52-54%. Once the temperature stabilizes (we guess), the charging power increased once again to 170 kW. By 79-80% it decreases to around 130 kW.
It seems that Hyundai very closely monitors the battery temperature and adjusts the power immediately.
The entire session takes more than 18 minutes (10-80% SOC), but the 20% to 80% SOC took just over 15 minutes. That's an outstanding result.


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Quelle: insideevs.com