Elektromobilität: So können die Ladezeiten besser genutzt werden

Bildquelle: phys.org

Extrem interessanter Artikel zur Verringerung der nicht nutzbaren Zeiten an den Ladestationen.

Using data from 1.8 million e-vehicle charging observations in the Netherlands over a 6-year period, the study analyses the factors affecting idle time, providing a methodology to plan effective future charging infrastructures. The study authors also recommend building new charging points in the centre and at the outskirts of the cities that they looked at.

Based on the factors identified, the study provides a model that can estimate, at the beginning of its charging session, how long an e-vehicle is likely to be left idle after charging is completed.

As the number of e-vehicles on the road increases and puts pressure on existing charging infrastructure, there’s a danger that drivers might struggle to find a free charging spot before their car runs out of juice. At the same time, fully charged but plugged-in vehicles could be used to feed the wider power grid with energy at times when demand is high. And charging stations can be managed to take advantage of this idle time by shifting charging to a time when demand is higher.

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Quelle: phys.org