Elektromobilität: So schnell lädt der Lucid Air

Bildquelle: insideevs.com

Spannender Bericht über die Schnellladergebnisse beim Lucid Air. Anschauen!

The video presented a textbook example of the “perfect” charge session and confirmed Lucid could talk the talk and walk the walk. This independent test demonstrated what well-executed new current-generation premium EVs can do. Unfortunately, some viewers and readers misinterpreted the charging results as “proving Lucid lied about the battery pack size”, apparently suggesting that Lucid is “cooking the books” and installing a larger-than-claimed battery pack to make puffed-up charging speed and range efficiency claims. They appeared confused by the fact that Electrify America billed Tom for 134 kWh of electrical energy delivered to the vehicle during the charge session. Delivered to a pack with only 118 kWh capacity. But that is, indeed the case. The pack is 118 kWh and if the EA charger billed Tom for 134 kWh to fast-charge it from 0-100%, then either EA incorrectly billed or that is what it actually takes. I suspect the latter.


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Quelle: insideevs.com