Elektromobilität: So stellt Tesla seine Batterien her

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Sehr spannende Einsichten in die Batterieherstellung bei Tesla, auch im Vergleich zu anderen Herstellern. Video anschauen!

Sandy Munro, of Munro & Associates, has been conducting a teardown of a Tesla Model Y. This time, he tackled the battery pack.
Munro's previous top-level conclusion was that the battery pack largely carried over from the Model 3, with some cost cutting measures.
Taking a closer look at the Model 3 battery pack, Munro also compared its construction to that of battery packs from other automakers. The Tesla battery pack consists of individual cylindrical cells glued together, with framework running between rows of cells and on the outer edges.
An alternative is the prismatic cell arrangement produced by Samsung, and used in the BMW i3. This places cells inside a box-like case, which is less effective at dissipating heat than the Tesla design, Munro said.


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Quelle: www.greencarreports.com