Elektromobilität: So wird der VW ID.3 produziert!

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Wie wird eigentlich der VW ID.3 produziert? Unbedingt das Video anschauen!

The plant is earmarked for 1.2 billion euros, which will be utilized to hire fifty external companies, who will put to use 9,000 tons of steel and install 1,500 new robots. The employees, on the other hand, will not decrease: the large injection of mechatronics will be offset by the increase in the number of cars produced, which will rise to 330,000.

It would probably have been easier to design an establishment from scratch than to upgrade one that needs to maintain the same current production level. It is therefore critical to alternate between the two production lines at full capacity and on the training of personnel that will be responsible for the new EVs. This will change in 2021 when the plant switches over to mostly electric cars.


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