Elektromobilität: Solid Power will Festkörperbatterien bereits 2022 testen

Bildquelle: www.bmwblog.com

Solid Power plant die Lieferung erster Festkörperbatterien zu Testzwecken bereits Anfang 2022. Spannend!

BMW joined forces with Ford as far back as 2017 and announced a massive investment in Solid Power, a company specialized in making solid-state batteries for EVs. That move is going to be paying dividends soon, as the US-based manufacturer announced that it plans to expand its manufacturing capabilities at its factory outside Denver, with the goal of delivering the first test cells for car manufacturers in early 2022.BMW and Ford will be among the first to get this new tech, considered by many as a sort of Holy Grail for the future of electric cars. Solid state batteries exist today but on much smaller applications. They are considered a much better choice compared to conventional, liquid lithium-ion batteries, as they can hold more energy, charge faster and are less likely to catch fire.

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Quelle: www.bmwblog.com