Elektromobilität: Spannender Podcast mit Evelozcity-Gründer Stefan Krause

Sehr interessantes Audio-Interview mit einem der Gründer von EVelozcity.

The Sunday Times' tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Stefan Krause, founder of $1bn electric car startup Evelozcity, to talk about why cars look like they do (5:40), why electric vehicles will be dramatically different (6:30), a car for megacities (10:00), raising $1bn (13:05), the importance of batteries (14:30), pricing the car at $35,000 (18:00), ending up in California (22:45), developing their first car in 5 months (24:45), the death of ‘range anxiety’ (28:55), not being the next Studebaker (29:45), going from giant companies to a startup (32:30), how he built a casino (34:00), handling Deutsche Bank during the financial crisis (35:15), whether Detroit think’s electric cars are coming (39:10), and growing up in Pablo Escobar's Colombia (42:50).

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Quelle: www.acast.com