Elektromobilität: Technische Einsichten in den Porsche Taycan

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Sehr interessantes Video mit technischen Einsichten in den Porsche Taycan. Ansehen!

The Taycan has 3 different brake options – standard steel brakes, surface-coated brakes which reduce brake dust, and Porsche’s high-performance ceramic brakes. Then the tour moves on to the radiator for a little chat about the Taycan’s cooling systems.  The grille is smaller than on most cars because electric cars generate a lot less heat and thus need less cooling. The car makes use of two conventional radiators, though rather small ones.  Behind the grille there are also two brake ducts which channel air to those big brakes, helping cool them off in situations where they’re getting a lot of use (primarily, on the track). High-voltage cables are also visible at the back of the wheel wells, leading to the Taycan’s charging system.  The car has two charge ports – one AC charge port on the driver’s side, and one AC/DC port on the passenger side.  Both sides are capable of 9.6kWh AC charging, which should make it easier for owners to find a suitable garage configuration for charging. But the passenger side has 3 high-voltage cables whereas the driver’s side only has one, due to the passenger side’s DC charge capability.  This is where the Taycan shines, with 270kW charging capability (and 350kW capability promised in the future) to get you back on your road trip or back on the track as quickly as possible


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