Elektromobilität: Tesla gibt Update zur Modellpolitik

Bildquelle: www.cnbc.com

Tesla hat auf der Jahrespressekonferenz auch ein Update zu Modelleinführungen gegeben: Demnach arbeitet Tesla aktuell nicht an einem 25.000 Dollar-Auto und der Cybertruck kommt frühestens 2023.

In his opening remarks, he said that the continuing chip shortage would make it impossible to release new model vehicles without resulting in fewer total vehicles being delivered.“If we had introduced say a new car last year, we would — total vehicle output would have been the same because of the constraints — the chips‘ constraints particularly.“ He continued, „So, we will not be introducing new vehicle levels this year. It would not make any sense.“Without a Cybertruck electric pickup truck to sell this year, Tesla risks ceding ground to Ford, which is poised for deliveries of the fully electric F-150 Lighting pickup in the first half of this year. Ford also recently said it plans to triple production of its Mustang Mach-E, a would-be Tesla Model 3 and Y competitor, expecting the Mach-E will surpass 200,000 units per year by 2023.Another likely competitor, the GMC Hummer EV, first rolled out to customers In December 2021. General Motors fully electric take on the truck is the first to incorporate the company’s Ultium platform, motors and batteries, which GM developed in-house and plans to use as the foundation for its new electric vehicles to come.Later, in response to a question about a lower-priced Tesla for mainstream consumers, Musk said that project is not currently underway.“We’re not currently working on the $25,000 car,“ Musk said. “ At some point we will. We have enough on our plate right now. Too much on our plate, frankly.“

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Quelle: www.cnbc.com