Elektromobilität: Toyota testet P2P Strombörse via Blockchain

Bildquelle: www.toyota-global.com

Toyota hat ein interessantes Projekt durchgeführt, um eine Stromhandelsplattform auf Basis von Blockchain zu testen. Spannend!

The Frontier Research Center of Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota), the University of Tokyo (UTokyo), and TRENDE Inc., (TRENDE) concluded a joint test of a next-generation electricity trading system (P2P1 electricity transactions) that enables homes, businesses, and electrified vehicles connected to the electricity grid to autonomously trade electricity using blockchain2. The joint test was carried out from June 17, 2019 to August 31, 2020 at Toyota's Higashifuji Technical Center and in the surrounding area. The test verified the trading system to be an autonomous electricity supply and demand system that realizes efficient utilization of renewable energy and is effective in reducing electric bills, cutting the electric bills of the participating general households (including electrified vehicles) by approximately 9 percent. The system was also able to provide 43 percent of the electricity used for driving the electrified vehicles from renewable energy sources, thereby reducing CO2 emissions by 38 percent.

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Quelle: www.toyota-global.com