Elektromobilität: UBS-Wallstreet-Analysten vergleichen 7 Batteriekonzepte

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Interessanter Beitrag über die Erkenntnisse von Wallstreet-Analysten beim Vergleich von 7 Batterienkonzepten.

"While Tesla continues to lead with the best overall powertrain technology," the analysts write, "the cost lead in battery cells is minor by now and will depend on its new proprietary cell design in the future."

And after Tesla posted record profits earlier this week, UBS says the company has likely lowered its battery costs even further since it completed its study.

That's not just a Tesla problem, even if competitors try to copy things like its cylindrical cell design, as UBS predicts. Allied Market Research predicts the market for the lithium-ion batteries used in EVs will grow more than three-fold by 2027, from $36.7 billion in 2019 to $129.3 billion.

And the only way for anyone to catch up, in UBS' eyes, will be to go all-in like Volkswagen.

"A steep cost reduction curve in combination with an ever-improving regulatory environment in favor of EVs makes it a necessity for auto companies to pursue an 'all-in' EV strategy, meaning that purely CO2-compliance strategies are likely to fail," UBS said.

"Tesla will likely remain the cost and technology benchmark for several more years, and Volkswagen is the fastest follower on a global scale. Its €33bn committed EV investments of over a 5-year period are still unmatched."

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Quelle: www.businessinsider.com