Elektromobilität: Übersicht der Batteriefabriken in Europa

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Sehr interessante Übersicht über die verschiedenen Batteriefabriken in Europa.

20 Gigafactories for Li-Ion #battery cells production have been announced for #Europe, enough to equip approximately 7 mio electric vehicles.

It is about time for the battery factories to ramp up in Europe since the European passenger plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) market is on fire. Between Q1-Q3 2020 a record of >770,000 PEV cars have been registered, which is an increase of +100% YoY and pulling the 2020 PEV share in passenger car sales to 9% (4.9% for BEVs alone).

New Developments in Q4 2020:
· 23rd of September: Tesla announces in-house production of 4680 cylindrical cells in Gruenheide, Berlin. One production line will have an output of 20 GWh/a, multiple lines are planned.
· 17th of November: Svolt announces 24 GWh Battery Cell Gigafactory in Germany, Saarland.
· 18th of November: Panasonic-Equinor-Hydro plan to form a strategic partnership to explore possibilities for establishing a Gigafactory in Norway.

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