Elektromobilität: Übersicht der tatsächlichen Reichweite von Elektroautos

Bildquelle: www.edmunds.com

Edmunds hat eine sehr interessante Übersicht mit der tatsächlichen Reichweite von Elektromodellen aufgestellt.

  • Porsche Taycan outperforms its EPA range estimate by the widest margin
  • Every Tesla we’ve tested has failed to hit its EPA range estimate
  • There are four EVs in Edmunds’ 300-mile club, including a Ford and a Hyundai

What is this chart showing me?
This chart shows an electric vehicle’s official EPA range and energy consumption compared to the range and consumption results from Edmunds’ own testing, which is designed to be a real-world complement to the EPA’s laboratory-based process.

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Quelle: www.edmunds.com