Elektromobilität: Übersicht über die Electric Skateboard Architektur bei E-Autos

Bildquelle: urbanmobilitydaily.com

Sehr interessanter Artikel über die Möglichkeiten der Skateboard-Architektur bei Elektromobilen und wer diese bereits nutzt.

Over the past year, several products — and startups — have emerged that enable companies with limited expertise or resources to build full EVs or have them built under contract. Modular, electric rolling chassis, a.k.a. skateboards, are specifically designed to be “mated” with bodies of varies types and shapes, in an approach that is reminiscent to the coach builder industry of the 1930s. The concept was first introduced about 20 years ago by then GM’s VP of R&D Larry Burns and his team.Two players have emerged with a pure skateboard play, namely AEV Robotics and REE. Rivian and Canoo have first developed vehicles, and now make their EV platforms available for other applications. A pair of complementary Tier 1 suppliers, Bosch and Benteler, are leveraging their parts bins to offer a full-fledged electric skateboard. Lastly, supercar maker Rimac will develop and manufacture high performance EV subsystems for the industry. What are these companies actually doing, and how can they contribute to the electrification of mobility across the globe?

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Quelle: urbanmobilitydaily.com