Elektromobilität: Volkswagen eröffnet Lade-Testzentrum in Wüste

Bildquelle: electrek.co

Volkswagen hat in der Wüste in Arizona eine beeindruckende Ladeinfrastruktur zum Testen unter hohen Temperaturen installiert.

Successful fast-charging is highly dependent on maintaining a stable temperature of the batteries inside an electric vehicle.
That’s difficult to achieve in conditions like extremely cold or hot climates.
To test the latter, Volkswagen has built an impressive new charging station at its proving grounds in Arizona where temperature can reach 120°F (49°C).
Volkswagen brands will bring its electric vehicles planned for all over the world to the testing grounds to validate their fast-charging capacity under the extreme heat:

“The same month in Arizona, VW flipped the switch to on for one of the most extensive EV charging stations at a global test facility, Volkswagen Group’s Arizona Proving Grounds. The 50-vehicle charging station is designed to help VWGoA evaluate EV battery and charging performance under extreme hot-weather conditions. Chargers feature the various connectors used in the U.S., Europe and China and engineers will be able to evaluate real time data to see how various chargers compare.”

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Quelle: electrek.co