Elektromobilität: Volkswagen-Partner Gotion High-Tech stellt neue Batterietechnik vor

Bildquelle: technode.com

Gotion High-Tech, Batteriepartner von Volkswagen, hat ein interessantes Update zu einer neuen Batteriezelle gegeben. Spannend!

Gotion announced that it was the first company to reach cell-level energy density of 210 watt-hours per kilogram (Wh/kg) in lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, a type of power source known for stability but capable of storing less power than other types of lithium-ion batteries.

China’s third-biggest battery maker did not disclose an expected driving range for vehicles with its new LFP battery installed. But an EV with cells containing energy density of 190 Wh/kg can last more than 400 kilometers (249 miles) on a single charge, close to Tesla’s China-made Model 3 with LFP battery cells from competitor CATL.
The company also introduced a new structural battery pack technology called Jellyroll to Module (JTM), which it offers in different forms and shapes. It expects such flexibility could help increase adoption of LFP batteries.
A number of automakers are currently in talks with the company for collaboration on the new battery technology, Xu Xingwu, deputy dean of Gotion Engineering R&D, told TechNode. Xu did not disclose the names of potential partners or a timeline.
The company expects to provide batteries starting in 2023 for the China production of Volkswagen’s MEB electric platform, a modular design for varied EV battery packs. The two companies formed a partnership in May as part of the German automaker’s goal to sell 1.5 million EVs in China by 2025.

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Quelle: technode.com