Elektromobilität: Volkswagen zeigt Chart zu Wettbewerbern

Bildquelle: cleantechnica.com

Volkswagen hat ein interessantes Chart zu den „gefühlten“ Wettbewerbern veröffentlicht, mit einigen interessanten Herstellern auf der Liste. Anschauen!

In the US, Chinese cars are rarely discussed, let alone discussed as a real threat to the automotive status quo. But those “in the know” know better, and now Volkswagen– one of the world’s largest automakers– is calling BYD and NIO “direct competitors.”
The comment was made during the explanation of a slide shown at an April 20th meeting to discuss the Volkswagen Group’s “NEW AUTO” strategy that aims to turn VW and its subsidiaries into “a global force” across the fields of car making, automation (“mechatronics”), software development, EV batteries, and novel “mobility” solutions. The slide shows who Volkswagen considers rival automakers worth reckoning with– and NIO and BYD weren’t the only surprises there.
Do you see it? Hyundai is no surprise, and neither (really) are Tesla and XPeng. No, the surprising “threat” Volkswagen sees comes from Stellantis– the parent company of the Chrysler, Jeep, and Fiat brads. And, frankly, it’s surprising because Stellantis’ CEO, Carlos Tavares, doesn’t seem particularly confident the company can remain profitable in the race to electrification.
“In the transition to ‘NEW AUTO’, our competitors will not only be Mercedes-Benz, Toyota or the Stellantis Group,” VW chairman Herbert Diess is quoted as saying, “but also Tesla, Foxconn, Apple, LG Electronics, Uber, etc.”

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Quelle: cleantechnica.com