Elektromobilität: VW ID.3 im September beliebtestes Elektroauto in Norwegen

Bildquelle: insideevs.com

Der VW ID.3 ist aus dem Stand im europäischen Elektromarkt Norwegen auf die Pole Position gesprungen und treibt den Elektroanteil in Norwegen auf ein neues Rekordhoch. Wow!

Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2 also noted very good results, but not even close to the ID.3.
September 2020 was an exceptionally strong and quite interesting month of plug-in electric car sales in Norway, as several models noted very high results.

Let's start from the overall passenger plug-in car registration numbers - 12,689 (up 75.6% year-over-year) is close to the all-time record of 12,764 (March 2019).

But most importantly, we noted a new all-time record of market share - 81.6%! Unbelievable! The ICE and conventional cars already soon might be almost totally wiped out.

The all-new Volkswagen ID.3, without surprise (it was at 1,000 sales in the middle of the month), has become the top-selling model in Norway in September (as there were a lot of cars ordered prior to the start of deliveries). The ID.3 noted 1,989 new registrations (12.8% of all cars)!

Die norwegische Zulassungsstatistik gibt es hier.

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Quelle: insideevs.com