Elektromobilität: VW orientiert sich an Apple’s Designansatz

VW wird sich bei seinen kommenden Elektrofahrzeugen Anleihen bei Apple's Designstrategie nehmen.

Volkswagen’s design head Klaus Bischoff has said that the company is using Apple’s approach to guide future electric car designs beyond the I.D. concept seen above.

We are currently redefining the Volkswagen values for the age of electrification. What’s at stake is to be as significant, purist and clear as possible and also to visualize a completely new architecture.

Bischoff said that right now was the most exciting point in his 25-year history at VW.
In. the past everything was very centralized, very narrow boundaries were set on the road of success. Today is the most exciting time of my career because I‘m allowed to do things that didn’t use to exist that way.

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Quelle: electrek.co